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Bingo Rules. History, Types, How to Win, Tips and Tricks, and Strategy

Even though this game seems easy and fun, there are many bingo rules you must apply to win. This game is one of the most widespread gambling games on the planet, especially among countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Venezuela. Many distinct bingo names exist, like beano, housey-housey, lotto, etc. This game continues to be a pleasant and entertaining way to spend your free time with your family or friends.

It emerged far away in the 18th century and has become famous due to its clarity and simplicity. Knowing how to play this game properly can assist you in having an edge against other players, and the learning process is not protracted. Bingo rules are uncomplicated and exhilarating, as the game dynamics intrigue from the beginning.

History of the Game

Theories trace the origin of this popular game to the time of Roman culture. Others associate it with ancient 16th-century Italy, but the truth is that it constitutes one of the first forms of popular games. The history of this game is related to the barbarians and potentates who collected the taxes from villages and towns. The other widely accepted theory states that the predecessor of the popular game is the Italian – Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia. Today, this game generates almost $75 million in revenue and people play bingo every Saturday in this country.

In 1770, this game caught the attention of the French, who called it Le Lotto. The players use the same bingo rules as now, as they were the first to play with cards and chips and to say the numbers aloud. The game serves not only for entertainment purposes but also for educational goals. Almost 150 years ago, Germans used to teach their kids to calculate using this very same game.

Bingo Rules

The purpose of the game is to cross out the digits on the card before the rest while a person who acts as a presenter removes each ball and says what comes up there. If you hear one of those digits, you must cross it out immediately. The player who crosses out all the numbers wins. However, he must say bingo aloud for everyone to know he has done it. After verification, you receive the specified prize for that game.

You can play live, in other words, traditional bingo – or online, but the game principles are the same. The only difference is that traditional bingo is more fun because you can gather in one place and have real fun with real people. As you know the basics of bingo rules now, we can go deeper.

Bingo Types

There are several main sorts of this lottery:

Bingo-90 is a British version.
Bingo-75 is an American version.
Russian lotto.

Let us take a detailed look now at all these types and its bingo rules.

British Bingo Version

British Bingo

The British version uses a lottery drum and balls with denominations from 1 to 90. You can check all ninety bingo names and terms by clicking this 7bet article. For example, the two most popular bingo quotes are number six or Top-Mix 6. Six is the most frequently called bingo number. Number 42, or Winnie the Pooh forty-two, takes the second spot, as this call is the second most often mentioned in the bingo terms list.

The game coupon consists of three lines of nine cells, as there are fifteen non-repeating numbers of five on each line. This version consists of three different stages. First, the winner is the one who fills any row. The second is the one who crosses out all the numbers in two rows, and the main prize goes to the one who has no numbers left on the card. If several participants simultaneously have the required combination, they will split the prize equally.

American Bingo Version

American Bingo

The American version uses 75 balls as the game coupons are a square of 5×5 cells, and the central one is empty. As a rule, the letters B/I/N/G/O are always above each column. The lottery machines drop Balls with a number and a letter one by one, and lottery participants cross out the matching numbers. Another dissimilarity in the American version is that the reward is given to the one who is the first to colour a specific figure on the card.

80-ball Bingo Version

80-ball Bingo

The 80-ball version is most of the time used in online casinos. Game tickets consist of 16 numbers arranged in the shape of a 4×4 square. For convenience, each column has a different colour highlight. The scheme for determining the winner is similar to the American version, as the winner is the one who fills in all the numbers according to the rules before the rest. It can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or a pre-selected figure by the organizers.

Russian Bingo (Russia Lotto) Version

Russian Bingo

The most popular option in Russia is the same 90-number format, which uses a bag of barrels instead of a lottery machine. Players receive two tickets with fifteen numbers on each. The lottery draw consists of three parts. In the first of them, the ticket with any horizontal line is filled in before the others win. The next prize goes to the one who filled out one of the cards, and the primary pot goes to the participant who first crosses out all thirty numbers.

Tips on How to Win in Bingo

Here are a few tips and tricks to step up your game immediately.

Locations and Carefulness

It is necessary to avoid playing in crowded rooms. The more lottery participants there are, the lower the odds of winning. Medium-sized locations or areas with a small number of players are most suitable. Purchasing more tickets will allow you to win more often, and the best option is to use four game tickets. It is necessary to check the drawn numbers and the digits on the coupon. Although the rules are straightforward, players are often thoughtless and forget to cross out the correct numbers.

Start and Patience

Stay patient and persistent, as bingo is a game of chance. You might not win right away, but do not get discouraged – keep playing, stick to your budget, and remember that the goal is always to have fun. You will understand the game better only with time, so the more you play the game, apply various techniques, and set the correct mindset, it all will come with time. Throughout your journey, you will see how smoothly you apply different bingo terms.

Bingo Strategies and Tricks

There are no detailed mega plans as compared to other lotteries. However, several general strategies and tricks will increase the likelihood of winning.

Granville’s Method

This strategy, created by financial writer and analyst Joseph E. Granville, involves card selection based on number balance and probability in the long run. Based on his theory, bingo players should choose cards with as many different numbers as possible. A perfect card should have high, low, even, and odd numbers. Ideally, it should also have numbers with as many different last digits as possible.

For instance, if your card already contains the number 30, check if other numbers do not end with 0:10, like 40, 50, etc. So, to increase your odds of winning, you should pick a bingo card, which contains an equal spread of high and low numbers, odds and even numbers, and as many numbers with last digits from 0-9 as possible. Here is a deeper explanation to help you understand.

High and Low Numbers

In a 75-ball bingo game, Granville’s theory suggests that as the game progresses, there should be an equal number of balls called with values from 1-37 (low) and 38-75 (high). So, when selecting your cards, aim for a proportion between high and low digits.

Even and Odd Numbers

Just as with high and low numbers, Granville implies that there should be an equal distribution of even and odd numbers called during a game. So, when you select your bingo cards, ensure a close balance between even and odd numbers.

Numbers Ending with 1-9 and 0

Granville observed that numbers ending in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 0 tend to be called equally over time. For example, if a number’s ending is 5, such as 15, the upcoming number will likely not contain 5 in the back of the number. Even though this strategy may seem logical, this is still a game of chance, and nothing guarantees a victory. Moreover, this strategy may not be effective in every bingo session as the randomness of number generation in online can make it challenging to apply this strategy consistently.

Tippett’s Method

This exact method is a bingo strategy named after Leonard Henry Caleb Tippett, known professionally as L. H. C. Tippet, a renowned British statistician. According to this method, select cards with numbers closer to 38, especially if you expect a longer game. Lengthier games mean a need to cover a specific pattern or cover all the numbers on your card, also known as blackout or cover all games.

On the other hand, for shorter bingo games, where there are one line or two lines, Tippett suggests choosing cards with numbers closer to 1 and 75. For instance, if you play a short game, you might want to pick a card with more numbers near the extremes of 1 and 75. However, if you settle in for a potentially lengthy blackout game, cards with numbers around the median of 38 could be a more strategic choice. This method is less about foreseeing the possible outcome and more about altering your game strategy based on the likely length of the contest.

Play with More Cards

Another strategy you can use to win is by playing with more cards. This online strategy has a straightforward approach and the principle that each additional card you play increases your chances of having the winning combination. While this technique to win may seem simple, you must understand how to manage the increased number of cards effectively. It can be overwhelming for a beginner as there are more numbers to keep track of and patterns to watch.

If you are an experienced and multitasking player, this online bingo strategy could significantly enhance your chances of success. While playing with more cards is a good plan as it increases your odds of winning, but it is reasonable to realize that you will not win every time. So, make sure to set a budget and not exceed it to keep the game fun rather than stressful or overwhelming.

Want to Master Bingo?

If you are a fan of this game, do not forget to learn another part of bingo rules – bingo calls, in other words – bingo quotes. These date back to the re-importation of the game to the UK in the 1950s. During World War II, soldiers used to play housey-housey, so many nicknames have military origins. However, if you want to try something new, you can check out games like Blackjack or Texas’em Poker.

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