UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League 2023–24 is the 69th season but only the 32nd since it received the title of the UEFA Champions League. The previous name was the European Champion Clubs' Cup. On the 7bet site, you will find everything you can look for – schedule, results, historical winners, where to watch, etc.

All you need to know about the UEFA Champions League

First, we will explain the new format of the upcoming UEFA Champions League season, and later, you will be able to improve your knowledge about the finals that took place in the legendary Wembley.

New format

The UEFA Champions League 2024-25 season will deal with some format changes. UEFA will remove the existing group stage system, which includes 32 football teams, where each of the eight groups contains four teams.

The forthcoming Champions League edition will welcome four more clubs. In total, 36 organizations will battle in the league phase of the UCL (former group stage). Those squads will participate in a single league tournament, where all contending clubs are ranked together.

This year’s final and glance at the history

After 11 years, the final of the UEFA Champions League is back at the historic Wembley Stadium in London. This stadium will host the conclusion of European football for the eighth time – more than any other venue.

In addition, it will be the third time in the UCL era that the final takes place in London. The previous two finals occurred in 2011 and 2013, but it all happened in the new Wembley. So, let us peek at the list of all the European battles, which ensued in both old and new Wembley Stadium.

  • Milan 2 – 1 Benfica – 1963, 22nd of May (old Wembley)
  • Manchester United 4 – 1 Benfica – 1968, 29th of May (old Wembley)
  • Ajax 2 – 0 Panathinaikos – 1971, 2nd of June (old Wembley)
  • Liverpool 1 – 0 Club Brugge – 1978, 10th of May (old Wembley)
  • Sampdoria 0 – 1 Barcelona – 1992, 20th of May (old Wembley)
  • Barcelona 3 – 1 Manchester United – 2011, 28th of May
  • Dortmund 1 – 2 Bayern – 2013, 25th of May

Next year, all the football fans will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the elite European football tournament. So, let us peek at all the UEFA Champions League conquerors in the past 15 years.

# Champions Result Runners-up
2024 ? ? ?
2023  Man City 1:0 Inter
2022 Real Madrid 1:0 Liverpool
2021 Chelsea 1:0  Man City
2020  Bayern 1:0  PSG
2019 Liverpool 2:0 Tottenham
2018 Real Madrid 3:1 Liverpool
2017 Real Madrid 4:1 Juventus
2016 Real Madrid 1:1 (5-3p) Atletico
2015  Barcelona 3:1 Juventus
2014 Real Madrid 4:1 Atletico
2013  Bayern 2:1  Borussia
2012 Chelsea 1:1 (4-3p)  Bayern
2011 Barcelona 3:1  Man United
2010 Inter 2:0  Bayern
2009 Barcelona 2:0  Man United