Liverpool and Everton

Players Who Played for Liverpool and Everton

In the world of not just English, but world football, the Merseyside Derby stands out. It is one of the most storied derbies anywhere. Even though the opposing fans have adapted a cutthroat-like approach and don’t fancy each other one bit, a select group of players has had the unique experience of calling both Anfield and Goodison Park home. We will talk about the careers of players who have been fortunate or misfortunate enough (depends on how you look at it), to represent both the reds and the blues of Merseyside.

History of Liverpool Football Club

Founded in 1892, the Liverpool Football Club (Liverpool FC or LFC for short) quickly established itself on the map. Over time it became one of the most successful clubs in English football.

Playing at the iconic Anfield, Liverpool has won seemingly everything – from UEFA Champions Leagues to domestic league titles, FA Cups, and League Cups. As of 2023-24, they won:

  • Premier League – 19 times
  • The FA Cup – 8 times
  • The UEFA Champions League – 6 times

Right now, it has vastly increased its presence worldwide with the attraction of famous investors from abroad like the basketball superstar LeBron James. The club is known for its large and passionate fan base and their anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone,”. It’s one of the most storied clubs all over the globe.

History of Everton Football Club

Everton Football Club is a bit older than their cross-town rivals. Their club was established in 1878 and is one of the founding members of the Football League (now, the Premier League).

The club has called Goodison Park its home since 1892. Over time, the pitch has become one of the most storied grounds of English football. Everton boasts a proud history filled with success on the domestic frunt, including several league titles and FA Cup victories. Their most important trophy tally as of 2023-2024

  • Premier League (or First Division) – 9 times
  • The FA Cup – 5 times

Known as “The Toffees”, Everton has a dedicated fan base and is celebrated for the history and a roster that usually has many up-and-coming talents. They have a smaller budget than their rivals and as of recent, focus on raising young players that are poached by top clubs.

Why is there a rivalry between Liverpool and Everton Football clubs?

The rivalry between Liverpool and Everton, known as the Merseyside Derby, is one of the oldest and most fiercely contested in English football.

The cause of the rivalry is simple. They’re neighbours and exist in close proximity. So much so, in fact, that the clubs’ grounds are separated by less than a mile in the city of Liverpool.

The rivalry began in 1892 when Liverpool was formed. That happened after a dispute with Everton’s then home ground, Anfield. The dispute caused Everton to move to Goodison Park.

Despite the intense competition, the rivalry is often termed the “friendly derby” due to the intermingled support within families and the city. The fans often support one another when the teams aren’t playing each other. It isn’t as cutthroat as the Old Firm, the Manchester Derby, El Clasico, the Superclasico or even Derby della Capitale (The Rome Derby).

Nonetheless, match days are full of passion. The city life grinds to a halt as everyone tries to get tickets or sits in front of a TV at home or in a pub to watch the Merseyside derby unfold on the pitch.

Notable Players who played for both Liverpool and Everton

If we talk about the players who played for Liverpool and Everton, we could make a list. It isn’t super long, but you can list some well-known names despite.

  • Nick Barmby – He started his career at Tottenham Hotspur. Quite quickly, Barmby made a move to Middlesbrough before joining Everton in 1996. After a successful spell, he made a then very controversial transfer to Liverpool in 2000 for £6m, becoming one of the few to directly transfer between the rival clubs. However, the Toffees sold him, so there was no sneaky stealing going on and thus, no one was all that mad.
  • Peter Beardsley – this journeyman went to Liverpool from Newcastle, where he played for 4 seasons, racking up 131 whole appearances. In 1991, he moved to Everton, where in 81 games he scored 25 goals, keeping up his production level. Beardsley is remembered for his technical skill and versatility, making significant impacts at both clubs.
  • Abel Xavier – the defender moved from Everton to Liverpool in 2002. Known for his flamboyant hairstyles and solid positioning, he played 57 games in total for both Merseyside teams between 1999 and 2003.
  • David Johnson – a true Merseyside Legend, he moved back and forth between the rival squads in the 70s and early 80s. A product of the Everyon Youth Squad, the forward played for the Toffees in 69-72 and then again in 82-84. In between, he spent 6 whole  successful seasons at Liverpool, tallying 148 appearances and a solid 55 goals.
  • Gary Ablett – rare to see a figure who achieved success with both clubs. He is one of the few. Ablett won the FA Cup with Liverpool and later with Everton. His versatility in defense made him a valuable player.
  • Steve McMahon – Starting his career at Everton, the Englishman made a name for himself as a hard-tackling midfielder before moving to London’s Aston Villa and then spending 6 whole seasons at Liverpool. He capped 204 games. Not too shabby.


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