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Official Rules of Checkers Game and How to Win?

Have you ever played checkers as a child? Have you only recently discovered checkers? Do you want to provide your children with an intellectual activity? You only need a checkers board. A game that stimulates mental activity and is a great way to pass the time. We present the checkers game rules.

History of Checkers Game

According to archaeological excavations in Egypt, a game similar to checkers could have been played 600 years before our era. When checkers first arrived in Europe, It was in Spain, and It was later adapted to the chessboard. The mandatory capturing rule was officially introduced in 1535, bringing the checkers game rules closer to what we have today.

Checkers Rules

Checkers is an intellectual sport game played by two individuals. One against the other, aiming to capture all opponent’s pieces or put the opponent in a position where they can’t make any moves.

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To begin playing checkers, you must first obtain a checkers board. There are several sizes available, including 7×7, 8×8, 9×9, and 10×10. The most common format is 8×8. On a checkers board like this, you play with 12 of your pieces against 12 of your opponent’s pieces. The game begins with the player who uses the white pieces (unless agreed otherwise). Only one square can be moved diagonally at a time, except for pieces that reach the opponent’s back row and become kings. Kings have additional abilities, such as the ability to move diagonally to any square on the board, either to capture a piece or to continue after capturing one.

Capturing is required in checkers, if you have the opportunity to capture an opponent’s piece, you must do so. Capturing cannot be skipped, except when there are two capturing options, in that case, the capturing player can choose which piece to capture.

Checker movement and move cancellation: once you touch one of your pieces, you must to move that piece. When you release the piece, your move is considered complete, once released, you cannot change your decision, even if you realize there is a better move.

The movement of regular pieces and the promotion to king status are irreversible. If your checker has reached the opponent’s back line – which is simple to do in order to gain an advantage, if you see that the checker can be trapped and lost, it is not possible.

Checkers (and chess, by the way) are different from other card games such as poker. The directions and moves in checkers are finite. As a result, the game is considered “solved”—there are no chances or probabilities in this game. Meanwhile, poker is heavily based on probability theory, and counting cards can give players an advantage over their opponents.

Announcing the Result of a Checkers Game

Officially, three outcomes are possible: victory, defeat, and a draw. Victory is achieved when a player captures all of the opponent’s pieces and/or when the opponent is unable to make any moves with the remaining pieces.

Draws: A game can end in a draw if a player who has the move three times in a row repeats the same position. Alternatively, if only kings are moved without capturing for 25 consecutive moves. If no regular pieces are moved and no captures occur, both players can agree on a draw.


What is the primary goal of playing checkers?

The only goal is to capture all of your opponent’s pieces or to put them in a position where they can’t move.

Can a checkers game end in a draw?

Yes. A draw is possible, and both players can agree on it.

How many squares are there on a checkers board?

For the hundred-square board – a hundred. For an 8×8 board – 64 squares, where 12 pieces of each player are placed.

Is capturing necessary when playing checkers?

Yes, when it’s your turn to move and you have the option of capturing, you must capture your opponent’s piece. Otherwise, the uncaptured piece is removed from the board.

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