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Randox Grand National in 2024 – Schedule, Main Runners, What Important Happened Last Year

This year, the anticipation for the Randox Grand National 2024 seems to build rapidly. It’s one of the most prestigious and anticipated events in the world of horse racing. Whether its thrilling finishes and heart-stopping moments or the possibility to see the top horses and jockeys, the Randox Grand National continues to captivate the attention of audiences in the UK as well as the rest of the globe, interested in horse racing. Let’s talk about the schedule of the event, shed the spotlight on main runners and refresh your memories on the 2023 Randox Grand National’s drama.

Randox Grand National 2024 – the Schedule

The Randox Grand National 2024 takes place in mid-April. The event is set to unfold over three whole days, starting at April 13th and ending in April 15th.

The festival kicks off with Opening Day. The focus of the Opening Day is to celebrate emerging talent and racing prowess.

The following, 14th is the Ladies’ Day. This event combines fashion with racing, offering a vibrant spectacle for both the eyes and the racing fans.

The final and the most anticipated is the 15th – Grand National Day. During it, over 40 horses compete in the world’s most famous steeplechase.

However, the Randox Grand National 2024 has a few new items on the agenda. Certain new measures are introduced to enhance safety and improve the spectator experience, ensuring everyone feels safer and the fans still get the best possible experience.

The Main Runners of the Randox Grand National in 2024

As the Randox Grand National 2024 approaches, the betting odds for main runners begin to unfold.

Corach Rambler with the trainer Lucinda Russell gets 5/1 odds. It is the defending champion, seeking to replicate last year’s triumph and defend the title. The Corach Rambler got 3rd place in the 2024 Cheltenham Gold Cup.

I Am Maximus is the 2nd in odds with 10/1. The French representative, with W P Mullins as the trainer got the victory at the 2023 Irish Grand National. He’s a formidable force in this year’s Grand National.

Vanillier with Gavin Cromwell is no newbie to top tier horse racing. With 11/1 odds, this runner is always amongst the favourites, so you can expect great results.

With a 2nd place finish at the Paddy Power Chase, Panda Boy with trainer Martin Brassil gets 12/1 odds, showing a huge amount of anticipation. Known for its consistency and experience, the Irish runner is expected to make a strong showing.

Finally, representing the Union Jack, we have Kitty’s Light with 16/1 odds. As the winner of the Scottish Grand National in 2023, the racer had a recent slump in form, but that just means Kitty’s Light will be eager to get back on top.

What Happened in the Randox Grand National in 2023?

The 2023 Randox Grand National was a very unique and fun event for both hardcore fans and casual spectators. It showed why the Randox Grand National is held in such a high regard.

The 2023 Randox Grand National was the 175th annual running of this prestigious horse race. As always, it took place on April 15 at Aintree Racecourse, near Liverpool, England.

Corach Rambler, a 9-year-old horse, emerged as the winner, securing the victory for trainer Lucinda Russell and jockey Derek Fox.  This win marked an impressive triumph in the world’s most famous steeplechase, with many teams competing for the prize.

With odds of 8/1, Corach Rambler led the pack and won by 2¼ lengths. The winner got an impressive £561,300 in prize money.

The final finishing order of the Randox Grand National in 2023

  1. Corach Rambler – £561,300
  2. Vanillier – £211,100 (20/1 odds or starting price)
  3. Gaillard Du Mesnil – £105,500 (10/1 starting price)
  4. Noble Yeats – £52,700 (10/1 starting price)
  5. The Big Dog – £26,500 (12/1 starting price)


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