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Best Craps Strategies. Ways to Use, Tips, Interpretation, and How to Win

Having a good craps strategy is one of the first steps you can apply to win in this challenging casino game. The game has been popular since the Middle Ages and is now available at casinos and online. It is easier than ever to learn and apply the best craps betting strategy. The game and the usage of tactics have evolved massively, and with all this information circulating, participants can improve their chances of winning. So, without further I do, it is time to look at some craps strategies and how they work.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Craps Strategy

There are plenty of craps strategies out there, but it is vital to understand what the main factors are before selecting the best possible craps betting strategy.


Each craps strategy demands players to put down a certain amount of their bankroll. We recommend peeking at your budget before choosing a plan and only then finding the one that suits your willingness to risk. Based on your operational budget, you can set the starting bet. Keep in mind that some craps strategies require progressive betting, which means that you increase the stakes as you play.


Consider what it is you want to achieve going into the game. If your sole focus is turning a profit, consider whether you are willing to play the long game by offering a bigger payout guarantee. Or perhaps you are after a quick game that comes with long shots which offer bigger payoffs but come with significant risk. Craps provides a wide betting range with different odds and payouts.


Another factor to understand is the risk you take. While betting against the craps shooter where the odds are greater is the less popular move, as it can sometimes be more lucrative. With craps betting systems, you will also have to increase the bet, which results in a bigger risk since you stand to lose more money. However, the possible winnings are also more significant.

Main Factors Before Applying Craps Betting Strategy

When you play the game, you must know there is no correlation between your current and previous shot. Also, you cannot make any strategies regarding the last numbers. If number 6 popped up five times – this does not mean that number 6 is popping again. The most winning combination is Pass Line or Don’t Pass with a Buy or Lay bet. These combinations appear in a long-term play. If you want to earn a fortune, you must risk it all to speed up the process, or it will take a long time.

Craps Strategy – How to Beat Craps

Once players have taken the time to learn how to play craps and understand craps odds, implementing the best craps strategy becomes vital, especially for those looking to increase their profit. Craps strategies vary depending on the different levels that players are at. Also, everyone has a distinctive goal playing this game, so the craps strategy is different for every player. These craps betting strategies are designed to help players win, and we will introduce to you the top craps strategy to use so that you achieve more.

What is the Simplest Craps Strategy for Beginners?

There is a craps strategy for every participant of the game, including novices. However, before testing these tips out on real money wagers, we suggest putting them into practice on gratis games first. The time has come to present the top two craps strategies that make it comfortable for new players to enhance their options without upping the risk too much.

Pass Line Craps Strategy

Placing Pass Line bets is the most straightforward craps betting strategy. When putting this option into play, players bet on the Pass Line on the first throw of the dice, also known as the come-out roll. You win if the dice produces a seven or an eleven, but you lose if you get a total of two, three, or twelve.

If the result is different, that number becomes the Point, and the player keeps rolling the dice, but if the Point value pops up again before a seven, you win a Pass Line bet. Since the house edge is low (1.41%) and the wager offers even money (1:1), it is a simple way to boost your earnings.

Don’t Pass/Don’t Come Craps Strategy

While the Pass Line strategy is ideal for online or in-person play, this next option is perfect for online gaming. Since craps is a relatively social game, most players bet with the shooter. However, this strategy requires bettors to wager against the shooter using a Don’t Pass or Don’t Come bet. The Don’t Pass bet wins if the shooter throws a two or three, but it loses if seven or 11 is thrown. In the instance where the dice land on a 12, the Don’t Pass wager ends in a push, and here, players are refunded their wager.

If the roll sets a Point, players can then place the Don’t Come bet in this craps strategy. It wins if a seven comes up before the Point. However, this wager has a slightly lower house edge (1.36%) and lesser odds. It is one of the best craps bets.

What is the Best Mathematical Craps Strategy?

Players who have been playing craps for a while and have a good familiarity with the ins and outs of the game may find themselves looking for the best mathematical craps strategy that offers a challenge but adds in a fair amount of logic.

Craps Odds Strategy

It is yet another craps betting strategy where players are betting against the shooter. In this craps strategy, you will wager that the shooter will roll a seven (or seven-out) before landing a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 once they have rolled the Point. Since the chances of this occurring are statistically even (there are more ways to spin a seven than any other number), no house edge applies. But because of this, the payout odds are not so great at 1:1, while the other cases pay 2:1 for 4 and 10, 3:2 for 5 and 9, and 6:5 for 6 and 8.

What is the 6 and 8 Craps Strategy?

The six and eight craps betting strategy is what we call a progressive strategy, and it is popular because it commonly comes with a low house edge. Nonetheless, a player can occasionally go for extended periods without a win, which can become costly as you must increase the bet every time you lose. As we discussed at the commencement of this guide, players need to consider whether they have the budget to put specific craps strategies into play and whether they would be willing to play the long game. In this case, players must have a far-reaching budget for this strategy to pay off and to avoid reaching an unaffordable stake.

Since a six and an eight have the greatest odds (other than a seven) of being thrown, players choose these numbers instead of other place wagers. If the dice roll one of these figures, we take the profit and wager the bet again. The progressive element in this craps betting strategy comes in when there is a loss. If we bet and lose, we place the same bet again but increase the stake. We can increase the bet value by doubling it or by pre-selected increments set according to our budget. The key here is that by increasing the bet after a loss, we can eventually win and make back all of our losses with the increased stake value.

The Press-and-Pull Craps Betting Strategy

The 6/8 craps strategy does not require a big budget since you stand to win quite often. However, other betting systems can be more demanding. The Press and Pull strategy is one of the more expensive systems and requires a winning streak on some of the best craps bets to win. Players will press or double their stakes when the place bet lands but pull their profits after it has landed four times. Since the payout odds here sit at 7:6, the player puts down a $6 wager. It is best to use $6 increments due to the payout. When the shooter rolls the dice, if they land on six, the bettor will earn a payout of $7 ($6 stake + $1 profit.) In this strategy, the player will keep their $1 profit and then double their $6 wager to $12.

If the shooter throws a six again before the Point, the player will win $14. Next, a player will press their bet to $30 by adding $4. If they land a six again, they will add a dollar to their $35 winnings to round it up to a $66 wager. If they land a six for the fourth time, they will receive $77 on that wager, leaving them with total winnings of $143. Since they landed their place four times, they now pull their winnings. A player must land their place bet four times before a seven is thrown. Since the chances of this happening are low, many bettors view this as a rather harsh craps strategy that could cost them their stake rather than allowing them to win from it.

How to Win Craps with the Best Strategy

All these craps betting strategies provide a unique way to boost your chances of winning – one of them stands out as the best craps strategy overall. The Don’t Pass Line bet strategy has the lowest house edge (1.36%) and is one of the more precise craps strategies to follow.

You get a push as a reward when twelve rolls, earning a player his stake back, and only a seven or eleven can make them lose their bet. Any other number rolled is the Point. Once it is determined, this bet continues until the Point is met, resulting in a loss, or a seven is landed, resulting in a win. Although this wager is considered a bet on the wrong side, it is lucrative and has some of the best odds, making it worth trying.

Want to Try Something Else?

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